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Manori is a neighbourhood located in northern Mumbai, India. It is known for its beach and the Manori Creek. The closest railway station is Malad. Manori can be reached in two ways. Manori is believed to be an island but a road route connects Manori to Mumbai. The sea route is relatively shorter. Manori is a 15 minute ferry ride away from Marve beach in Malad.

Manori is dominated by the local fishing community (kolis). Fishing is the major occupation among the locals. Manori is a very popular weekend destination among the people of Mumbai. The beach, roads, overall culture is very reminiscent of Goa and the place provides a mini-Goa experience within the boundaries of Mumbai city. Apart from beachside shacks, there are two resorts in Manori designed like Spanish villas. For the religious/ spiritual, The Global Vipassana Pagoda, the world’s largest structure containing the bone relics of the Buddha[citation needed], offers a breathtaking view. There are 2 beautiful ashrams of the spiritual masters of Nath Sampradaya – Swami Gagangiri Maharaj and his disciple Swami Gagananand Maharaj. There is a Shiv temple (Samudreshwar) located at the jetty of Manori.

It is a beautiful and peaceful weekend getaway from hustle and bustle of the city into the loving arms of nature. It is a place to relax and enjoy the nature. The locals are very friendly. There are Chinese food corners here that serve Indo- Chinese food but the best is to try the East Indian food and the sea food. Some of the popular dishes are Pork Vindaloo and Sarpotel, Chicken Raan, Stuffed Pomfret, Dry Bombay duck chutney, rotis, Prawns chilly fry and fried bombay duck, as these dishes are wonderfully made here.

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