Shiva Temple in Bengaluru

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It all began when RVM, the founder of the temple, one morning, envisioned something different: a dream to build a temple with a gigantic statue of Lord Shiva, with River Ganga flowing out of his matted hair, meditating in an environment of peace, serenity and tranquility amidst the Himalayas. He was surprised, because when this inspiration struck him, he had no money, no land, and no architect, but only an inspiration from God to move on. With God by his side, he soon found an apt property in Bangalore, arranged funds for the project and found an architect who would bring his dream into reality.

The construction of the temple started in 1994. Many people worked internally and externally in building the 65-feet-tall manifesto. The temple reached its completion and 26 February 1995, the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri, was set as the inauguration day. Sri Shankaracharya of Shringeri (who is said to be the incarnate of Lord Shiva) consecrated the Shiv Mandir on the set date.

The temple is a spot for many miracles. Many miracles have occurred in the temple and is continuing ever since. Lakhs and lakhs of devotees visit this temple every month. The temple has evolved and grown into a spiritual destination. It is ensured that a different concept is started every year in the Shiv Mandir, a temple that spreads the power of faith. In 1996, Mount Kailash was installed and inaugurated; in 1997, the spiritual havan in a rock like structure was made; in 1998, the Ganesha statue was installed; in 1999, the Navagraha and the 108 ONS yatra was initiated; in 2000, the Barah Jyotir Ling Yatra was started; in 2001, the diya and magical coin pond was introduced; in 2004, the special Abhishek Ling was installed; in 2005, the Pratyaksh Ling and the Healing Stone was introduced; in 2007, the live bhajans were introduced; in 2008, the Vignaharan Thread; in 2009, the special poojas and the Ganga Snaan Parikrama was introduced; in 2010, the Pahadi Shiv Dham Yatra and the Amarnath Ling was initiated.

Year after year, with God’s inspiration, the temple has been transformed into a destination of faith where prayers are answered. Today the temple attracts millions of devotees from not only India but from all around the world.

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