Lodi Tomb

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Lodi Tomb is situated amidst the famous Lodi Garden, adjoining the Indian International Centre in South Delhi. It is one of the many mausoleums in the city that have been built inside a garden. Lodi Tomb entombs Sikandar Lodi. The other mausoleums situated inside the Lodi Gardens, along with the Lodhi tomb, include the Tomb of Muhammad Shah, Shish Gumbad and Bara Gumbad. It is said that all these tombs are the snippets of another city, which was supposed to be built at this place.

The tomb of Sikandar Lodi is an octagonal tomb that is known for its beautiful Mughal architecture. It said to have signified the resumption of the Sayyid type architectural style, with the typical octagonal plan, deep veranda and tall arches. The tomb has been adorned with a double dome top are stands proudly at the center of an enclosed area, which is entered from a south-facing huge gateway. The first garden tomb to be constructed in the capital city of India, Lodi Tomb dates back to the early 16th century.

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